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(A real, whole book with pages and ink)

I wrote a book!

Calling all my book lovers, my avid readers, my goal diggers, my dream-chasers, my people! I’ve created a space for us all to gather together, where I can bring you into the depths of what I’ve been working on: How Are You, Really? My very first book!

Wanna read this book I wrote for you, dive deeper into my own life stories and, perhaps, unfold your own as you go? Right this way.

Full-length. With a spine and everything! Omg, it’s going to have that fresh book smell, too.

And some rad people, my very first readers, have some of their own thoughts about the book to share with you…

My book is on its final approach and is about to make its grand landing. I could not be more excited to send it out into the world and finally get those words I wrote for you into your hands!

Make way, y'all!

This book is an absolute gift.

In How Are You, Really?, Jenna Kutcher walks us through what it means to live a life that doesn’t just look good, but feels good, in all the places. This book is an absolute gift, one that is profoundly necessary in our world right now.

- Tiffany Aliche -

New York Times bestselling author of Get Good With Money

For every person who has ever felt stuck...

How Are You, Really? is the perfect read for every person who has ever felt stuck between where she is and where she wants to be. In short? Everyone I know.


NY Times Best Seller and Host of Better Together With Maria Menounos

Unlock the keys to a good life. 

How Are You, Really? guides us all to ask the hard questions like, “What do I want?” and “How can I enjoy this more? Am I even enjoying it at all?” With every page, Jenna Kutcher leads you to your own answer as you unlock the keys to a good life. One that you’ll love, you’ll trust, and you’ll want to share.


Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital

A road map for choosing a path on your own terms. 

How Are You, Really? is a road map for choosing a path on your own terms. Jenna Kutcher teaches us to turn to our intuition and answer the questions that matter most: our own.


Founder of The Corcoran Group and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

Your permission slip to reflect, refocus and reshape your destiny!

How Are You, Really? is your personal guide to cut straight through the noise, distraction and busyness around you, and start living your life with intention, courage and purpose! It’s your permission slip to reflect, refocus and reshape your destiny!


New York Times bestselling author, Believe IT & Founder, IT Cosmetics 

Empowering, insightful, thought-provoking!

How Are You, Really? is a beautiful balance of stories, guidance and grounding that gives you the courage to pave your own way, define your own success and wake up to the life you were meant to live.


Host of the Top Rated Podcast Online Marketing Made Easy

Jenna will help you redefine success and reshape your life...

If you’re burnt out on hustle culture and tired of second-guessing your intuition, How Are You Really? is a must read. Jenna Kutcher will help you redefine success and reshape your life, on your terms.


#1 NY Times Bestselling author, Everything is Figureoutable 

This book challenges us to be present and figure out what is right for us...

So often we are programmed to keep going and going..and going. But what if that thing we’re going after doesn’t feel right anymore or feels different than before? I love how Jenna questions ALL of those feelings in this book challenges us to be present and figure out what is right for us…right now.


Founder and Creative Director of Oh Joy!

Preorder today!

Preorder today!

Here’s why: After educating thousands of women across the globe, I realized that the same things kept coming up over and over for all of us: self-doubt, imposter syndrome, unfulfilled dreams, fears and anxieties, and a deep, audible cry to have a meaningful life and legacy. It all became so achingly clear --- that to work on your business, you first have to work on your self.

That's what this book is for. It's the guidebook to enjoy being alive and not merely suffering through it. This is my owner's manual to owning a life rather than the other way around. Chocked full of soul-unlocking guidance to lead you forward in a way that moves closer to your heartbeat, your people, and the dang good life that awaits you.

Let me say something that I think might astonish you, especially if you’ve known me for any length of time: this book is not a business book.

this is what we are about

Cool, you wrote a book!?! Tell me everything!”

Get this...

My book isn’t where I’ve shared my next 5 business secrets. I’m here to tell you what makes all of that other stuff worth it.

Because ALL of those things we love, the life-parts we want, need us to be all in. We need to know our ‘why’ to stay all in for the right things. The reasons that keep us going through the mellow and the tumult. The reasons that help us show up for our therapy appointments. The reasons that give us the grit to deliver a keynote or a baby. 

I’ll share the stories of my slow uncovering of my own ‘why’ and I’ll help guide you to digging up your own. 

Who Is This Book For?

if you're wondering...

Since I’ve been in the thick of this book for longer and deeper than anyone else, I think I can speak to this QUITE CONFIDENTLY: this book is for you. 

If you’re looking for ways to protect your peace, this book is for you.

If you want to know what it’s like to pursue a passionate life without spiraling into making your whole life about your career, this book is for you

If you have ever felt like fear was your greatest obstacle to living out a vision you have for yourself and your future, this book is for you

If you’ve been wondering when any of the money and success will come and if it will be half as satisfying as they promise, this book is for you

If you want to create a life that is fueled by both peace and purpose, this book is for you.

If you feel like you’ve been in cycles of pleasing everyone else, achieving non-stop, and getting a gold star without ever feeling like any of that was for YOU, this book is for you.

If you’ve been terrified of letting even the good things happen for you, this book is for you

If you’re seeking a long walk with a friend who wants to listen, learn, and encourage you, this book is for you

If you want to get up to life-building with me, see what tools I’ve been using in my own, and learn from people who inspired me, too, then my book...


how are you, really?

To put it simply, this book is for the one who says, “Screw all the shiny stuff. I want to know what it really takes to build a life I love.”



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